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quarta-feira, 10 de março de 2010

Petition for the well deserved htc hd2 update for windows phone 7

To Everyone out there who is as frustrated and angry as i am for the non release of the deserved and proper update for the htc hd2. This is a cryout for justice and a demanding of rights from all the owners of an hd2 out there.
They told us it was the iphone killer they gave us the best hardware ever with all the multitouch features a processing capabilities tha mek the hd2 the top hardware piece of equipment out there and we, those o purchase a goal of top technology have been cheated by the implement of an operating system that was specificly designed for resisitve screens and the use of a stylus, now badly adapted to the huge capacitive screen resulting in a flawed and sometimes, if not inumerous times inacurate and impossible to use operating system, since there are inumerous windows mobile native screens apps and menus with combo boxes and small icons that are impossible to reach and activate.on the other hand why such a powerfull processor and multitouch features if there are no apps and games that take advantage of the decices true potencial?
if you ask me we are being neglected big time by htc that must be already planning a new windows phone 7 based device leaving behind that wich is still the best hardware in the mobile market only to gain some large bucks, instead of making up and mending what resulted in a bad experience now turned into a very bad joke.
we've been left with nothing but an empty shell only or the benefit of theyr own profit on the development of a new device.
well is time we demand for the quality de price we paid for the device stands for.
i never had a complaint about htc before bu if the word thats out there is true and they are not updatinfg the os on this device let me tell you that their quality stanrds have gonne way low and a company that doesnt serve their clients best interests should be always fall behind.
let this be a reminder of peoples power htc when the time comes for you to ultimatly decide wrther or not no neglect your costumers

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